• Machinery & Equipment Recovery

    Looking to sell your metalworking Industrial Machinery?

Our Purpose

Our Goal is to establish a close partnership with our customers to help them meet their needs for recovery. We find that every company and situation is different. There are times when the number one priority for a company is that they can get the most money for a used machine they are selling, while another customer might be saying ”I don’t care what it goes for but it MUST be out by Tuesday as we have a new machine coming in Wednesday.” Our asset recovery program offers three main avenues to help our Industrial Partners achieve maximum value for their unneeded assets.

Our overall goal at BTM Industrial is to develop and nature relationships that allow our customers to receive maximum value for your company and asset disposition needs. Whether your company defines value as quick turnaround, convenience or cash, we understand that true value is meeting and exceeding your production needs, not worrying about old, unused machinery.

BTM’s Brokerage Program

Our Brokerage Program has generally proven to give client the best monetary return on the asset they are selling. Once it is known a machine will be sold, we can begin marketing and advertising the machine, even if the actual release date is months away or yet to be determined. The more time to market, the better the results. We list anything from a $1500 Milling Machine to a $500,000 CNC Boring Mill! For more information about this program, contact us today!

Scrap Machinery

Our sister company, USA Industrial Scrap, handles the scrap of all machines. USA Industrial Scrap’s insured riggers allow for quick and efficient decommissioning and removal of machines when needed. BTM can then assess/define the machines residual value from its resalable components . Our comprehensible lineup of services gets our customers the best scrap value for CNC Machinery and Automated Lines!

BTM Auctions

BTM Industrial offers a Monthly Machinery Auction (MMA) and can offer stand alone auctions if a customer has enough inventory to warrant one. Our MMA is where customers looking for fair market value sell their unwanted or decommissioned machinery.

What is an Asset Disposition Program

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